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  • Getting Fit in Bastrop

    Friday, January 11, 2019   /   by Jenny Carroll

    Getting Fit in Bastrop

    (BASTROP) So, whether it’s a “New Year, New Me” resolution, the gotta-keep-a’moving routine, or going-to-tackle-that-marathon goal, the Bastrop area offers a variety of fitness centers and programs to meet the individual’s needs.

    Besides losing weight or achieving a personal goal, there are numerous reasons to begin and maintain a fitness program. Stephanie Gordon of Bastrop Jazzercise said that a program helps reduce stress, gives the person some “me” time, introduces friends with similar goals and generally improves overall health.

    Let’s compare several Bastrop-area options:

    BASTROP JAZZERCISE at 612 Old Austin Hwy.

    Bastrop Jazzercise offers one-hour group-class environments lead by 7 certified instructors. The classes are well planned, challenging and fun. There’s even childcare for $1 per class or $10 per month.

    “When you come to a Jazzercise class, you will get a total body workout including cardio and muscle toning, “ Gordon said.  “The added bonus---it’s FUN! Jazzercise is also the most non-judgemental place you can work out in Bastrop.”


    Dance Mixx Classes---Incorporates stretching and includes 35 minutes of dance-based cardio set to a wide variety of fun music followed by 25 minutes of strength training for abs, glutes, arms, and legs.

    Lite Classes—These are similar to the Dance Mixx but there is little to no impact involved.

    Strength Classes—Focus here is on strength training for arms, legs, abs, and glutes.

    Interval Fusion—An intense calorie-torching class that incorporates cardio with strength training inserted within the cardio.

    Strike Classes—The cardio portion of this class focuses on punching and kicking. This class is great for arm workouts.

    Core Classes—Like the Dance Mixx class except there is extra emphasis on an ab workout.


    10-Class Pass = $120
    12-Month Commitment = $30 enrollment fee and $45 per month
    Month-to-Month Commitment = $30 enrollment fee and $60 per month


    A new 2500 sq. ft. dance floor has just been added to this facility.


    CROSSFIT STRIVE BASTROP at  623 Hwy. 71 West, Suite 108

    CrossFit Strive was voted Best of Bastrop in 2018 and has hundreds of five-star rating and success stories helping Bastrop families develop confidence and perform better in life.

    “CrossFit Strive integrates professional coaching, intelligently designed training, with a socially responsible community that empowers Bastropians to become the best version of themselves and achieve what they dream of,” Athan Shindler, CrossFit Strive owner, said. “Strive is the only CrossFit gym that brings together nationally accredited coaches and result-driven programming in a caring and authentic environment.”


    Foundation Class—This is a required 3-class introduction to foundational movements including squatting, pressing, and hinging, the basis of more complex movements. These classes are a small-group setting.

    CrossFit Class—Includes varied functional movements reflecting aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more performed at high intensity. These classes are conducted in a supportive but competitive group environment and are scalable for any fitness level.

    Pump 30/Burn 30—This class, designed to be an addition or alternative to CrossFit, is split into 30 minutes of pump, muscle and strength building and 30 minutes of burn, cardio. These classes are designed to be less skill-dependent than CrossFit while still packing in a ton of quality work.

    ROMWOD— “Range of Motion Workout of the Day” in open gym is a self-paced, yoga-like program accessed at the gym on the I-Pad. This is a great workout for rest/recovery days.

    Fortitude Barbell Club---This barbell class is designed for the weightlifting and powerlifting competitor who seeks individualized program design and competition coaching.

    Healthy Habits Coaching---For those desiring to improve their relationship with food, Healthy Habits is individualized nutrition coaching including education and accountability.


    Through the website, schedule two free introductory classes and become familiar with 2x/week and 3x/week rates. Also, receive unlimited group classes in commitments of 3, 6, and 12 months.


    ANYTIME FITNESS BASTROP off Old Austin Highway at 122 Hasler Shores Drive

    Anytime Fitness Bastrop is a  locally owned and operated community gym for the past 11 years. “Our staff and members live here, work here, and raise our families here in Bastrop,” Brandi King of Anytime said. “We are committed to helping the members of our community improve or expand the quality of life for themselves and families.”

    Membership gives access to 4200 locations globally 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Anytime Fitness has a team of trainers to meet the needs of anyone looking to begin a fitness journey, maintain a current one or even expand beyond their comfort zone while utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment including but not limited to treadmills, stationary bikes, Stairmaster, and weight machines and free weights.

    Circuit Training—Routines that mix varying levels of cardio and strength training that will have the person in and out of the gym typically in 35 minutes or less.

    Silver Fit and Active Adult—These classes provide older adult students with fun, time-efficient, circuit-based workouts that encompass a well-rounded approach to fitness so that they can maintain an independent lifestyle, continue to participate in activities they love, and be empowered to live healthier, happier lives.

    Indoor Cycling---Designed to improve heart health and boost muscle endurance.

    Yoga---A great class that focuses on flexibility and strength while addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

    Barre Above---This class blends the latest exercise science with the principles of ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength workout.

    Pound—Created by two female drummers, the workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout.

    PiYo Live--A music-driven athletic workout that strengthens and stretches with dynamic movements inspired by the best of Pilates and Yoga.


    Schedule a tour of the facility to learn more about membership options with few requirements.


    Anytime Fitness has just moved to its new, larger location off of Old Austin Highway, conveniently located behind HEB and next to Bastrop Middle School and Bastrop Intermediate School. They will have a January grand opening.


    HT FITNESS BASTROP at 106 Hwy. 71

    HT Fitness’s first center opened in 2008 in Manor. Since then they have expanded to include facilities in Taylor, Bastrop, Cameron, and most recently La Grange. The vision at HT is for the center to be “more than a gym and a place to workout. It’s a place like home where there is no intimidation to ask questions and a place to deliver the facts beyond fad diets or workout plans.”


    HT Fitness offers 24-hour access with no contracts. The  9000  sq. ft. open gym is equipped with state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals, weight machines, and an array of free weights.

    WEEKLY CHALLENGE—These workouts are designed by Jerry Bell, strength training and conditioning specialist, and are posted each Monday for the week. Those working out individually can reference these weekly challenges in their workout routine.

    PERSONAL TRAINERS—For those wanting a more disciplined approach, HT can match individuals with a trainer. Fees are in addition to the monthly membership fee.

    FIT CAMP—These 4-week fit camps are designed for people desiring to lose weight quickly. In addition to workout, nutrition and healthy eating tips to speed up metabolism are offered.

    GROUP CLASSES—These classes take place in the 1500 sq. ft. cardio room and include classes such as spin and Zumba. Check out the monthly group class postings at the gym.


    This fitness center offers free childcare during gym hours and houses Versa Spa, sunless spray tanning.


    HT runs various specials and incentives throughout the year. Visit them for a free orientation to learn more.



    Garner & Riley is a physical therapy clinic that offers a wellness program to patients as well as members of the community who need help transitioning into a more active lifestyle. Most members are patients who have been discharged from physical therapy and clients who feel they need more guidance from a skilled professional. 

    “We understand after physical therapy it can be scary to work out in a gym by yourself. Our program is designed to give a person the skills and confidence needed to transition into that setting.”


    Wellness Program---This includes a one-on-one wellness consultation to help orient individuals to utilize a variety of gym equipment and free weights. Individuals have access to two underwater treadmills that can assist individuals who may have a hard time working out on land.


    This center will be providing personal training and small-group fitness classes in the near future.



    Stephanie Gordon of Bastrop Jazzercise offers the closing remarks.

    “Find an exercise program that you enjoy and is convenient with your schedule,” she said. “And then begin. If you are having trouble getting to a class, try scheduling two classes per week into your phone calendar as you would a doctor’s appointment with an alarm for an hour ahead. Then do your very best not to miss. Do this for a couple of weeks, and you will be in the habit of regular exercise. Don’t delay---start right away!”