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  • Make Moving With Pets Stress Free (ish)

    Thursday, July 11, 2019   /   by Jenny Carroll

    Make Moving With Pets Stress Free (ish)

    By Jenny Carroll

    Helping Your Cat or Dog Prepare for a Move

    The process of moving to a new home can be incredibly stressful for all involved. Your pets may not seem affected by all of your packing and preparation work but they can become easily stressed once they are thrust into a brand new environment. There are several things you should do before you move to prepare your cat or dog for the trip to your new home.

    Moving with Cats

    Cats are typically more difficult to move into a new home than any other animal. Cats tend to become very attached to their homes and surroundings and dislike change. Moving your cat without any thought to his feelings can cause drastic changes in behavior, including defecating outside of the litter box and aggressive tendencies.

    The first thing you'll want to do is place your cat's carrier in a place your cat can easily access a few days before the move. Placing the carrier in an open area will give your cat time to explore it and its contents. Place your cat's favorite blanket, toy, and treat inside the carrier to make it more enticing. When the time comes to move, you'll place the same items inside the carrier but this time you will close the door once the cat enters.

    Cats who tend to be nervous when traveling in general, such as on trips to the vet, may get very upset about moving. Talk to your veterinarian about both natural and chemical remedies you can use to keep your cat calm throughout the day. This type of treatment should be used as a last resort and only if absolutely necessary.

    Make sure your cat's litter box is set up in its new location before you bring your cat into your new home. Take your cat out of his carrier and place him directly in the litter box. No matter what he does to explore the home after that, he will always remember where his box is.

    Moving with Dogs

    Dogs tend to stay a lot calmer and are easier to move into a new home. Do your best to ensure your dog has a normal routine during the days before the move and do your best to return to a normal routine as soon as you are in your new home. Walk, feed, and play with him at the same times each day.

    If possible, take your dog to his new home once or twice before the move and let him roam around the yard. If the house is vacant and you are allowed access, take him inside to look around. Doing so will ensure he is comfortable with what has become a familiar environment.

    Don't Forget the Legalities

    Don't forget to ensure your legal paperwork is in order before you move, if necessary. Every city has different rules and regulations regarding the registration of pets, like pitties or other misunderstood breeds. Make sure you visit your local chamber of commerce website to make sure about local rules as soon as possible before you move.

    Love Those Fur Babies

    Pay special attention to your pets before, during, and after your move. While it may be difficult to take a few moments away from the packing and unpacking chores, your love and attention will help your dogs and cats acclimate to their new surroundings much faster.