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Thursday, January 14, 2021   /   by Jenny Carroll

2020 in Review

What can be said about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? Can you count on your fingers, toes, and eyeballs how many times you were asked, “How are you holding up during these difficult times?” I can’t. Between the election, civic unrest, and the global pandemic, we’re exhausted and humanity is frankly a little cranky.

However, while suffering with everyone else, many have also experienced unprecedented silver linings in their lives that will be cherished as lifelong memories. We were given permission to slow down in our overscheduled, overly distracted days because what else were you going to do? You weren’t going anywhere. Families that would have been separated by normal circumstances were brought back together in ways we may never see again. College kids returned home as universities closed. Young adults moved back in with their parents to create safe quaran-teams with their loved ones. Parents of school-age children were able to connect with ...

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

It’s All in the Family This Holiday Season!

Many of us cherish childhood memories of searching for and picking pecans from the Texas state tree. The pungent smell of a freshly-dropped pecan still nestled in its velvety green blanket brings back warm feelings of Fall and the holiday season.

With the unique conditions surrounding this year’s festivities, many of us will be staying close to hearth and home—celebrating the holidays with immediate friends and family. For those of us who enjoy baking, cooking, and dining together, fresh pecans make a great addition to the menu. From grabbing a handful as a snack to including them in casseroles, savory dishes, and desserts, pecans add just the right touch to holiday dining.

The Berdoll family has kept that tradition alive by celebrating the planting, harvesting, and production of pecans and pecan products. Established on the Colorado River bottom in Bastrop county, the Berdoll homestead was originally intended to raise cattle, until hardship prompted later generatio ...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Community Spotlight: Foundation Communities

What is Foundation Communities?
If you've driven through Austin you've likely seen a Foundation Communities (FC) property. Created in 1990, they have helped Central Texans experiencing homelessness as well as teachers, veterans, service industry employees, and elderly or disabled persons or those experiencing other hardships into housing opportunities in beautiful, well-constructed communities throughout Austin and north Texas. Through grants and charitable donations, they've built 23 thoughtfully designed properties that have their over 7,000 resident's best lives at heart. There are thousands of people on the waiting list to be residents at a FC property so they are constantly looking at opportunities to build more housing for those who need it. There are 5 new properties planned for 2021 and hopefully more to come in the future.
Not only are these properties well thought out but they also are built using the most up-to-date green standards and many are constructe ...

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Christmas in Bastrop 2020

Compiled by Deena Thomas, Stanberry Realtors Bastrop
(Bastrop) Unlike past Lost Pines Christmas festivities in Downtown Bastrop, this year, residences and businesses will illuminate the community for almost an entire month in anticipation of a season merry and bright.

Instead of the annual lighted Christmas parade on Downtown Main as in past holiday seasons, the City of Bastrop presents the first annual Making Bastrop Bright lighted holiday decorating contest. Now’s the time to plan and register for the contest through November 30 by 5 p.m.
“I think this year more than ever, our community is looking for a new opportunity to spread the love and joy of the holiday season in a safe healthy manner,” Rebecca Gleason, Main Street Director, said. “The City of Bastrop is looking forward to this being the BRIGHTEST holiday season that Bastrop has ever seen.”
Visitors and residents alike will be treated to this lighted extravaganza on December 1 through De ...

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Monday, November 9, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Plant a Low Maintenance Garden To increase Your Property’s Value

Guest Blog By Desiree Miller

There's more to selling a house than putting a sign in the yard. Curb appeal and well-maintained landscaping draw buyers in for a closer look. Planting a garden adds color, aroma, and a sense of style to your property – something would-be buyers want.
While the real estate market in Austin tends to change with the times, a low maintenance garden can increase your property’s value.
The climate in Austin allows for easy planting of spring gardens and flower beds, and you can keep them up through summer and fall.


Photo courtesy of LawnStarter
Garden selections are a personal choice – what you want to see and eat is up to you. But when you’re staging the outside of your home to put on the sales market, you want to present a certain style of living to your would-be buyer.
Setting up a garden involves soil testing. You also want to choose a location where the soil drains well, and outdoor plants will receive at ...

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