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Tuesday, December 8, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

It’s All in the Family This Holiday Season!

Many of us cherish childhood memories of searching for and picking pecans from the Texas state tree. The pungent smell of a freshly-dropped pecan still nestled in its velvety green blanket brings back warm feelings of Fall and the holiday season.
With the unique conditions surrounding this year’s festivities, many of us will be staying close to hearth and home—celebrating the holidays with immediate friends and family. For those of us who enjoy baking, cooking, and dining together, fresh pecans make a great addition to the menu. From grabbing a handful as a snack to including them in casseroles, savory dishes, and desserts, pecans add just the right touch to holiday dining.
The Berdoll family has kept that tradition alive by celebrating the planting, harvesting, and production of pecans and pecan products. Established on the Colorado River bottom in Bastrop county, the Berdoll homestead was originally intended to raise cattle, until hardship prompted later generations t ...

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Monday, December 7, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Property Taxes in 2020

Property taxes are the main source of revenue for Texas counties and in Travis County, the Commissioners Court sets the local rate. Commissioners began the budget approval process earlier this year before the coronavirus pandemic began, but revisions were made after the pandemic reduced revenue and the county incurred new expenses. Property taxes add monies to the general fund that allocates money to the county's municipal endeavors. The general fund is the money used for the court system, parks, social services, juvenile justice, emergency response, and medical services, law enforcement, corrections, and rehabilitation.
Each county appraisal district determines the value of all taxable property within the county boundaries and a notice of appraised value is sent to all property owners by the end of April or May, depending on where the property is located. To save time and money, the appraisal district uses the mass appraisal to appraise large numbers of properties. 

In a m. ...

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Thursday, November 12, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

The Importance of Local

Supporting your local scene is more important now than ever. Putting those holiday dollars back into your own community means that the very things you love about your area have a better chance of survival in this ongoing time of COVID. We rely on the creators and music makers to entertain and challenge us but the loss of so many service jobs has had huge impacts on those who make Central Texas so unique. Before you go online to the big-name sites for those free shipping perks, consider heading out into your city instead.
Here are some suggestions:

Band Merch: Band merch from our local musicians is the best merch around! What better gift could you give to your favorite peeps than a cool coozie, a t-shirt, or an album? Find a list from Austin’s own KUTX here.

MBE/WBE: (Pronounced me-be-we-be) Here is the City of Austin’s directory to the Minority and Women Business Enterprise establishments. You have a variety of search filters to find what you are looking for a. ...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Community Spotlight: Red Arena In Dripping Springs

RED Arena in Dripping Springs makes physical therapy a joy to the children and other attendees it caters to. Established in 2008, the non-profit has grown to serve hundreds of children with various needs over the years. Stanberry is home to several horse enthusiasts as well so we know how special the bond between horse and rider can be. "There is nothing as relaxing a being around horses." said Sharon Rosshirt, CEO and broker of Stanberry Realtors, "They're what is keeping us sane right now!"
This year, RED Arena expanded to a new location off W. Fitzhugh Road, a sale carefully handled by Realtor, Stephanie Pope, and they are expected to open the new facility in 2021 ready to assist the Central Texas community again. Their programs cater to young people with disabilities by using the dynamic motion of a horse to improve gross motor skills, balance, range of motion, and posture. They also offer therapeutic and educational classes as well as job training in barn management, equine care ...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Community Spotlight: Foundation Communities

What is Foundation Communities?
If you've driven through Austin you've likely seen a Foundation Communities (FC) property. Created in 1990, they have helped Central Texans experiencing homelessness as well as teachers, veterans, service industry employees, and elderly or disabled persons or those experiencing other hardships into housing opportunities in beautiful, well-constructed communities throughout Austin and north Texas. Through grants and charitable donations, they've built 23 thoughtfully designed properties that have their over 7,000 resident's best lives at heart. There are thousands of people on the waiting list to be residents at a FC property so they are constantly looking at opportunities to build more housing for those who need it. There are 5 new properties planned for 2021 and hopefully more to come in the future.
Not only are these properties well thought out but they also are built using the most up-to-date green standards and many are constructe; ...

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